As approved by your physician and insurance, our experienced rehabilitative specialists provide in-home evaluations around home safety, medical equipment, motion exercises, and more.

Our team consistently monitors specific areas that may indicate if a patient is a candidate for physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy. Common symptoms our nurses monitor are:

  • Ambulation (has a new device, gait abnormality, recent orthopedic surgery)
  • Ascending / descending stairs
  • Balance / history of falls / stumbles or tips while walking
  • Weakness or deconditioning
  • Cardio-pulmonary (pre/post-surgery, endurance issues, activity modification, energy conservation)
  • Dressing – grooming
  • Bathing
  • Feeding / meal preparation
  • Swallowing
  • Aphasia

Palliative Care and Hospice Consultations

Under the umbrella of Lawrence Community Health Services, Jansen Hospice and Palliative care staff are available to provide consultation assisting patients, families and medical teams with the decision focusing on care that addresses symptom management vs. curative treatment. Hospice is not just for cancer patients; it is end of life care for patients with any terminal illness like heart failure, COPD, kidney disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

I received expert care from my Lawrence Home Care of Westchester nurse. I consider myself fortunate to have been assigned these professionals following my discharge from cardiac surgery. My experience was extremely positive. My nurses were totally focused on my needs and concerns. When I was depressed regarding my recovery, they were supportive and encouraging regarding my progress. My nurses imparted valuable information regarding my recovery and informed me what services I was entitled to receive from medicare. I am very grateful to my LHCW nurses for their caring, warmth, and professional expertise.

— Jacolyn