Lawrence Home Care of Westchester Staff

  • Melody Madera RN, MS, MPH, HACP, PHNA-BC

    Administrative Director, LCHS
    (914) 787-6158
  • Maura Kennedy

    Clinical Nursing Supervisor
    (914) 787-6158
  • Krista Rizzo

    Clinical Rehab Supervisor
    (914) 787-6158
  • Janet Lyons

    (914) 787-6158
  • Abigail Sprague

    (914) 787-6158

LHCW Fund Board

  • Peter Rizzo


I received expert care from my Lawrence Home Care of Westchester nurse. I consider myself fortunate to have been assigned these professionals following my discharge from cardiac surgery. My experience was extremely positive. My nurses were totally focused on my needs and concerns. When I was depressed regarding my recovery, they were supportive and encouraging regarding my progress. My nurses imparted valuable information regarding my recovery and informed me what services I was entitled to receive from medicare. I am very grateful to my LHCW nurses for their caring, warmth, and professional expertise.

— Jacolyn