Our Approach

Lawrence Home Care of Westchester (LHCW) is a certified home health agency dedicated to providing expert care in the comfort and security of the patient’s home. Since 1933, our organization has been delivering exceptional healthcare services to individuals of all income groups.

Our highly skilled nurses and therapists work with our patients in short-term settings to enable them to resume their normal, independent lifestyles as quickly as possible. Open communication with our patients’ physicians provides a seamless extension of medical care, past hospital walls, into the comfort of home.

Lawrence Home Care Services

The Lawrence Home Care team works closely with each and every patient and their physician to provide the best medical care in the comfort of the patient’s home.

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What We Do:


In-home rehabilitation services.

Registered nurses work with patients and their physicians on the recommended services.

Physical, speech and occupational therapies are available, as needed.

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Expert RN Staff:

Disease management with expert registered nurse staff.

Our staff is skilled in managing heart disease, congestive heart failure, respiratory disease, diabetes, and pain self-management.

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I love working for LHCW because everybody involved with the organization is invested in giving the best possible care for all our patients. We work hard to make sure our patients heal at home, and resume their daily routines, as quickly as possible. It’s inspiring to work alongside professionals who go above and beyond for their patients, everyday.

– Melody Madera, Administrative Director, LCHS


I received expert care from my Lawrence Home Care of Westchester nurse. I consider myself fortunate to have been assigned these professionals following my discharge from cardiac surgery. My experience was extremely positive. My nurses were totally focused on my needs and concerns. When I was depressed regarding my recovery, they were supportive and encouraging regarding my progress. My nurses imparted valuable information regarding my recovery and informed me what services I was entitled to receive from medicare. I am very grateful to my LHCW nurses for their caring, warmth, and professional expertise.

— Jacolyn